Priya Moses

Playgroup in-charge
Priya Moses

About Me

Degree: Arts
Experience: 3.5 Years as Montessori Teacher
Hobbies: Reading and Music
Designation: Playgroup incharge
Scripture: Matthew 7:10,11

More about Priya

“The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters, the hardest thing about being a teacher is that it matters every day.”

Priya Yasmeen Moses is a Montessori teacher with two years of prior experience. She is originally from Bangalore, loves teaching and has a passion for both child and adult learning.  Her expertise in the field of corporate training has helped her to a large extent understand that the best time to set up a foundation in the character or behaviour of a person is when they are toddlers.

She believes in the Montessori form of training because it caters to the individual and emotional needs of the child and feels that this form of education allows for creativity and exploration at its very core. Doing this in an environment that is safe for the child and fun for the teachers helps the process of teaching and learning create well rounded children. In addition to this, an emphasis on the teaching of God and his statutes gives us an opportunity to plant a seed in the heart of a child that will remain and grow with them positively impacting the rest of their lives.