Clarita Pereira

Nursery Teacher
The King's Academy Bangalore

About Me

Degree: Bachelor in Arts
Experience: 5 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Cycling, Sports and Ceramic Pottery
Designation: Nursery in-charge
Scripture: Psalm 46:7

More about Clarita

Clarita loves working with children. She says that being a teacher has given her a sense of fulfilment and happiness to do what she loves to do: nurturing lives and watching them grow everyday.

She likes to help students develop intellectually, morally, religiously and academically, especially those who face economic or social disadvantages.

She is a source of inspiration to a child or parent, even if not with the actual content of the lesson but with her attitude and zest and giving them direction in achieving or solving certain aspects of life in a simpler way. This gives her a profound sense of content.