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Steps to Enrollment

Complete the enrolment form and submit it. We will contact you shortly.

Visit the school for more information.

If interested, fill in the application forms and submit the same along with 2 passport sized pictures of your child along with one passport photo of the parents, a copy of the birth certificate and a copy of the completed vaccination records.

We will confirm the admission process by an email.

To enter playgroup in the 2018-19 school year, your child must be two years old on or before May 31. For nursery, the cutoff age is 3 years, and for kindergarten, it’s 4 years on or before May 31.

Please bring a copy of birth certificate, baptismal certificate, parents’ aadhar card and medical certificate.

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Check out what makes us different

Teaching Life Skills

Every child grows up and life is not partial to them in sparing them. We teach our children it’s ok to make mistakes but we show them how to learn from them: facing problems boldly & not being intimidated by circumstances.

Order & Cleanliness

It’s one of our major focuses. We ensure that we keep our surroundings clean, and the school is spacious. It’s a 3500 sq ft-plus build-in area with another 600 sq ft play zone for children to freely enjoy their childhood.

Discipline With Love

We correct the children of any misconduct by talking to them gently yet firmly, affirming that they are made to be wonderful and such behaviour does not belong in their lives. We are here to make them and not to break them.