Preparing for Separation

It’s two months since the academic year started and the pre-schoolers are right about settled in the environment.. Well most of them….

Some are still finding it difficult to stay away from home and one of the main reason is

Lack of social interaction

Parents tend to keep their children at home during their early years , which is the child’s first environment. Mostly the children are handled by parents, grandparents or care takers… And that’s the only environment they remain until they start school… This affects the child’s social skills Coz they are not exposed to interactions with other children or adults.

Personally, I would advice the parents of toddlers to have their children mingle with people other than them.

Let me be more clear

1. Take them to a local park or play area where there are many new people and children.

2. Visit friends and family, so the child understands, that if we go out Somewhere, we still get back home. Its a pattern to be set in the child’s mind, so when they start school they’ll soon understand that they are not to stay in the school but will be going back home…

3. Arrange for play groups with children of the same age.

4. Take them to social events like birthday parties, weddings and let them interact with others.

5. Leaving your child in a friend’s place ( make sure you trust your friends completely) or even an extended family member, for a short period of time so they’ll be used to staying without you… And once they understand that you are coming back for them it’ll be fine.

Advantage of practising this early

1. When its time for school children will be prepared mentally and emotionally

2. You’ll get time to breathe and can get some chores completed

3. The bond between you and your child will increase… Sometimes being in each others space can be pretty taxing, both for you and your child..

4. Trust me the school will thank you for this…

Doing these will help the child and you handle the separation anxiety caused during the initial period in school, in a beautiful way.

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