Setting up a Routine

“The greatness of a human personality begins from the hour of birth”… Maria Montessori.

Setting up a Routine for your child should start at an early stage.

Mostly, parents try to set a Routine only when it’s time to send the child to school or preschool and I’ll say that’s too late.

Montessori discovered that children have an innate need for order at a young age. And setting up a Routine only enhances the order in the life of a child.

Why should we have a Routine in the first place?

1. Children like to know what they are going to do next and like to be prepared

2. Transition happens smoothly without any Hassel or tantrums

3. Children have an inbuilt clock and can adapt themselves easily to changes as they grow..

A simple daily routine can be like this:

I follow this at home for my boys

7:00- wake up

Brush teeth

Drink water

Eat breakfast

7:30- Potty time

Bath time

8:00- Ready for school

8:00-8:15- can color/ play with toys till time to leave for school ( This will give ample time for the child to settle for the day, instead of rushing them, unsettled and cranky)

8:25- Leave home for school. This depends on the distance between your home and school.

1:00 – back from school

Wash and have lunch

1:45- Nap time

3:30- wake up from nap

Milk and some snacks

4:00-5:30- Play time ( play ball, cycling, hide and seek, running and catching – adult participation is required and strongly recommended for these activities. They help in bonding with the child )

5:30- Clean up and wash

6:00- 6:30 initiate individual and independent play time for the child -( blocks, clay, puzzles, painting, size sorting – all these are adults supervised)

6:30-7:00 – TV time ( if required) Shows like Octanauts- Teaches about sea animals and problem solving skills , Paw Patrol – teaches team work and caring for the environment and following rules, Team Umizoomi – teaches math and shapes)

7:00- 7:30 – Dinner time

7:30-8:00 – Reading time. This will help the child wind down and calm themselves from all their activity

8:00 – Bed Time

How does it help?

If this routine is maintained everyday the child’s order will be well set. Keeping this as the base you can make few adjustments if you need to, like visiting family or friends.. Going for shopping.. Get together.. Play dates… All these can be done between 4-7:30pm..

( Whenever i know we are going to be late, i get the night clothes with me and get my boys ready for bed. They normally sleep in the car and we carry them home)

Maintaining the sleep time is important because a preschooler or young grade-schooler who’s outgrown napping needs a solid 11 to 12 hours of sleep a night, an amount that will gradually decrease as He/she gets older. Even so, by the time they are teenagers , your children will still need nine to ten hours of shut-eye.

By following a routine, you will:

1. Engrave a sense of time in your child

2. Enhance the order

3. Ensure proper physical growth and brain development.

Go for it!

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